Completing the sale, confirms purchase. Please bring email receipt (can show on your smart phone) and ID on the day of your visit. Gift Sales must be noted. 


$10 Advance Booking tickets  give priority access at a specified time (reducing wait time). Additional general admission tickets will be available onsite after these tickets are sold out.  Admission is first come first serve for this experience.  


Admission Rates Tickets available on site. $6, Adult or Child (ages 3 & up) $16, Child (ages 4-12) Combo (Albesila and Nauticus) $21, Adult Combo (Albesila and Nauticus) Free, child 2 & under.


At the reception tent visitors are invited to remove their shoes before passing through an airlock. Once inside they are free to follow their map and explore the installation, or, if they prefer, they can find a nice pod where they can simply sit and lay back to enjoy the ambience .


 AUDIENCE - The luminaria appeal to the broadest public and is accessible to wheelchair users. To ensure it is enjoyed in peace by all ages, childen under 16 have to be accompanied by an adult. It is a valuable shared space of discovery for both young and old.


 LOCATION - MacArthur Center Green At the corner of Freemason Street and Monticello Ave., Downtown Norfolk April 12-21, 2019